Vacant Property Registration

The Vacant Property Registration program serves several important purposes:

  • Identification and Registration: The program aims to identify and register vacant residential, commercial, and industrial buildings within the community. By maintaining an accurate inventory of these properties, the program enables the City to have a comprehensive understanding of the extent of vacancy and abandonment issues.
  • Owner Responsibilities: The program helps determine the specific responsibilities that owners have in relation to vacant buildings and structures. This includes obligations such as property maintenance, security, and adherence to local regulations. By clearly outlining these responsibilities, the program encourages owners to take appropriate actions to prevent their properties from falling into disrepair or becoming hazards to the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhood Preservation: One of the primary objectives of the program is to protect neighborhoods from blight caused by the presence of vacant or abandoned properties. When properties are left unattended without adequate maintenance and security measures, they can become eyesores, attract vandalism, and potentially decrease the overall property values in the surrounding area. By addressing these concerns, the program helps safeguard the quality of life and aesthetic appeal of the community.

Through the Vacant Property Registration program, we can proactively address the challenges posed by vacant properties. By identifying, registering, and establishing clear responsibilities for owners, the program aims to prevent neighborhood blight, promote responsible property management, and maintain the overall vitality of the community.

Report a Vacant Home

If you believe a house in your neighborhood has been vacant for at least 90 days, or is open to entry you can report it to the Community Development Department.