Current Rates


  • City Trash Bag Program $53.90 per roll of 10 bags
  • City Truck Park and Pick Up $50 base rental fee plus transfer station fees for the weight of contents
  • Curbside Trash Pickup: 
    • $20.76 per month for 96 or 65-gallon cart
    • $20.60 per month for 35-gallon cart
  • Extra on Route Charge: Purchase bulk item stickers at Revenue Collection Office for each additional item. Stickers are $5 each. Certain items will require more than one sticker for collection
  • Off Route Charge $25 if pick up is requested on a day other than the scheduled day
  • Yard Waste Bags $2.50 per set of 5 biodegradable bags. You may purchase and use paper yard waste bags that are sold at many retail locations. The bags available for purchase at City Hall are offered as a convenience only
  • Yard Waste Stickers $1.97 per sticker. Only residents on the city trash bag program are required to purchase stickers