Billing Information

Quarterly Water Usage Information

For monthly customers, divide the total by three.

The average person uses 600 cubic feet (ccf) of water per quarter. This allows for all cooking, cleaning and laundry needs. A family of four can be expected to use 24 ccf of water per quarter. If your water usage is considerably more than average, call our office at 937-498-8114 for water conservation tips and information on how to locate leaks in your household.


Number of PersonsWaterSewerStormwaterEPA FeeTotalTotal with Refuse

This includes the refuse charges for the medium and large-sized toter.

*Rates are current as of 1/1/2024

Solid Waste Rates

  • City Trash Bag Program $61.90 per roll of 10 bags
  • Curbside Trash Pickup: 
    • $23.83 per month for 96 or 65-gallon cart
    • $23.64 per month for 35-gallon cart
  • Extra on Route Charge: Purchase bulk item stickers at Revenue Collection Office for each additional item. Stickers are $5 each. Certain items will require more than one sticker for collection
  • Off Route Charge: $25 if pick up is requested on a day other than the scheduled day
  • Yard Waste Bags: You may purchase and use paper yard waste bags that are sold at many retail locations. 
  • Yard Waste Stickers: $1.97 per sticker. Only residents on the city trash bag program are required to purchase stickers

Past Water & Sewer Rates

View our archived water and sewer rates to see the rates throughout the years.