Fire Prevention Division

The objective of the Fire Prevention Division is to promote fire and life safety initiatives through inspections, education, and investigation. A primary goal continues to be fire safety education. Some of the services that are offered by the Division throughout the year are:

  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Juvenile Fire Setters Program
  • Safety Education for Adults
  • Safety Education in Schools

Fire ComparisonSafety Mechanisms

To provide the best chance of survival in the event of a fire in the home, all households should have working smoke detectors and a fire escape plan that is developed and practiced. Always remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors when the time change (2 times per year).

Another key element is to sleep with your bedroom door in the closed and in a latched position. Smoke from an unfriendly fire is the by-product of fire that is the most deadly. A closed door will stop or slow the movement of smoke in your home. The closed door permits an individual to become alert in clean air and make decisions accordingly.

Close Before You Doze

Underwriter Laboratory is promoting "Close Before You Doze". View a live video on the importance of closing bedrooms doors when you sleep. Additional information on this topic can be found at the Close Your Door website.