All Rates Are Per Person/Per One-Way Trip:

Area for RatesGeneral Public FeeSenior Fee (65 and Over)Disabled Persons FeeChildren Under Age 5 Fee

Personal Care Attendant

A personal care attendant (PCA) can ride at no charge. Please let us know if you will have a personal care attendant (PCA) riding with you when you schedule your trip. There is no charge for the PCA to ride if the PCA is picked up and dropped off at the same location as you.

Reduced Rate Qualifications

  • For senior citizens age 65 and older: Show proof of age (such as drivers license) to the driver to receive your yellow senior identification (ID) card.
  • For those with disabilities: Contact our office for a form to be completed by your physician or medical provider. Upon completion of the form, you will need to schedule an appointment with our office. There will be no charge for your trip to and from our office to complete the certification process. Upon approval, you will receive a blue ID card. Certifications must be renewed every 3 years.

Miami County Connection

Connecting service is available between Shelby County and Miami County.

View the rates from Shelby County to/from Piqua: (Transfer point at I-75 Exit 83)

  • General Public: $5
  • Seniors and Disabled: $2.50

Rates within Miami County:

  • General Public: $4
  • Seniors and Disabled: $2

Rates from Shelby County to Upper Valley Career Center and Edison Community College:

  • General Public - $5
  • Seniors and Disabled - $2.50

Title III Funding

Some funding is provided by Title III of the Older American Act administered through Area Agency on Aging. Area Agency on Aging clients may make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of this Title III funded service. However, we will not deny service of they are unable to make a contribution. Passport funding is accepted as payment in full for passport clients.

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