Electric & Natural Gas Aggregation

Sidney voters approved both an electric and natural gas aggregation program during the November 2015 election. Below you will find information on both programs. If you have any questions about either program please call the City Clerk’s office or the City’s Aggregation Consultant, Affordable Gas and Electric, LLC at 618-203-8328.

Electric Aggregation

Selected supplier for 2019 to 2022 will be Dynegy Energy, you can call them at 888-682-2170.


  • $0.04880 per kWh fixed for 20 months starting with the April 2020 billing cycle

Recently city residents may have received a letter about the City of Sidney Electric Aggregation Program that indicated they were eligible for the program but it was addressed to the wrong person. Dynegy has determined that an error occurred on their end and are sending correction notices to approximately 3,100 households. Click here for more details.

Natural Gas Aggregation

Selected Supplier: Volunteer Energy Services (800-977-8374)


  • $0.371/Ccf starting June 2019 through April 2021

Switching Contracts

If you are presently under contract with another electric or natural gas supplier and want to make the switch to the Sidney aggregation program, be sure to read the terms and conditions of your current contract to determine if there are any applicable early termination fees or other penalties.