Don't let opiates take control of your life! Seek help today!

Opiate Use

In most communities throughout the United States, you will find a growing trend of opiate use. Opiates are typically most easily defined as pills. Opiates seem to be a leading cause of Heroin use, as more and more users of Heroin explain their starting point in abusing harmful drugs. Unfortunately, opiate use may start out as something that a physician may prescribe for pain or post-op, but if not carefully monitored by the patient, opiates can become easily abused without the patient recognizing their body's newly formed craving. 

Pain Medication

For example, an adult that recently had a knee surgery will be prescribed pain medication to help keep the patient more comfortable. The patient begins using the pain killer as prescribed, but their body may end up causing the person to believe they must have the medication to recuperate successfully. In the end, what started out as a knee surgery may end up causing a life-long addiction problem If you notice side effects from the prescribed drug on initial use, please pay close attention and consult your physician.

Stop the Trend

Please do whatever you can to stop this growing trend! We need to all be mindful of this possibility with family, friends, and loved ones. Without your help and careful consideration of the possibilities, we will continue to see this problem incrementally expand.

Abusing Harmful Drugs

If you know of someone that is abusing harmful drugs, please do what you can to point them towards help! Local drug and alcohol treatment facilities are available. Consolidated Care is a great place to start or talk to your own physician. Those who unknowingly become addicts may not recognize the symptoms that you see and may initially deny that there is a problem. Urge them to closely monitor their prescriptions and pill intake.