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Fence Permit Application


  1. 1. General Information
  2. 2. Property Owner
  3. 3. Applicant (If not Property Owner)
  4. 4. Fence information
  5. 5. File Upload
  6. 6. Applicant Certification
  • General Information

    1. What paperwork is required to apply for a fence permit?
      1) The fence permit application 2) A simple site plan, drawn to scale, showing the proposed fence location in relationship to property lines, streets, buildings and structures located on the property. A sample site plan is illustrated below.
    2. What are the location and height requirements for fences?
      Fences can be erected anywhere on a property, as long as they don’t encroach onto neighboring properties. Generally, fences erected in front yards can be up to 42” (3 feet 6 inches) in height and must be “open” – no solid privacy fences. Fences erected in side and rear yards can be up to seven feet (7’) in height. There are special height restrictions for some corner lot properties (refer these questions to Community Development Department staff).
    3. What does one-sided or two-sided fence mean?
      A one-sided fence has the panel mounted on one side of the support posts so that the posts are visible from one side, but covered by the fence panel on the other. If one-sided, the fence must be constructed so that the structure side is on the inside, towards the property on which the fence is built. A two-sided fence looks identical on both sides – either the fence panels cover both sides of the posts, or the fence panel is mounted between posts, so that the posts are visible from both sides equally.
    4. How do I get a simple site plan of my property?
      The property owner may have received a mortgage survey or similar plan when the house was purchased. The fence location can be drawn on a photocopy of this plan. If no site plan is readily available, the Community Development Department staff can assist with obtaining a site plan / aerial photo of the property through the City’s GIS (Geographic Information System)
    5. I don’t know where my or my neighbor’s property lines are located; can the City visit my property and find them?
      No, sorry, only a commercial registered surveyor can physically locate property lines. Surveyors can be found in any Yellow Pages under “Surveyors – Land”.
    6. What is the fee for a fence permit?
      There is no fee.
    7. How long does it take for approval?
      If the application is complete and accurate, Community Development Department staff can usually have the application approved within 1-2 working days
    8. What about fences for pools?
      If you are applying for a pool permit, there are specific requirements for fencing. The pool and fence permit applications and regulations may be obtained together from Community Development Department staff.
    9. Site Plan