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Trail to Eagle

Subfacility of Tawawa Park

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About the Trail

Trail to Eagle is named to honor all of the Eagle Scouts that have contributed by completing an Eagle Scout Project in the City of Sidney's Parks System. The City's Parks Department collaborated with the local Scouting troops to develop this name, and dedicated the trail in March of 2010. The path was constructed in 2005 as an Eagle Scout project for Andrew Frantz, and took over 300 man-hours to clear. Mr. Frantz was a member of Troop 97, with Thomas Frantz as the Unit's Leader. The trail traverses through the woods on the north side of Tawawa Creek (Mosquito Creek) from the Ross Bridge west towards Landrum Soccer Fields.


Other contributors to the success of this project were the following:
  • Steve Baker
  • Troy Baker
  • Jason Barhorst
  • Dave Billups
  • Steven Billups
  • Robert Brun
  • Stuart Hemmert
  • Zach Hemmert
  • Chris Frantz
  • Jeff Frantz
  • Nick Frantz
  • Robert Frantz
  • Tom Frantz
  • Zach Frantz
  • Kym Maxwell
  • Paul Miller
  • Eva Mullen
  • Chase Rossman
  • Chris Rossman
  • Kelsey Rossman
  • Zach Rossman
  • Jody Sheper
  • Kevin Sohnly
  • Nathan Stevenson
  • Sean Trabue
  • Zach Travis
  • Zane Travis
  • Dave Travis
  • Devin Yost
  • Jim Yost
  • Jon Yost