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Big Rock

Subfacility of Tawawa Park

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"Big Rock" (glacial rock left from the ice age) is located in Tawawa Park and was established in 1876. It is located just off Ward Trail. "Big Rock" located in the park was established in 1876 and is an object of interest to visitors. The following is reprinted from the Sidney Journal, February 25, 1876:

A few years ago some of the stone cutters employed on the Monumental Building being prevented by want of stone from following their ordinary advocation, entertained the idea of celebrating the Centennial year and handing their names down to posterity. In order to execute this double purpose, they possessed themselves of their instruments of trade and proceeded to "Big Rock" about a mile and a half east of town. The result of their labors was the inscription of the National Shield, under which stands the names of Dr. H.S. Conklin, William Binkley, and G.W. Moeller. Following these comes the names of the artists in stone as follows: George Erhart, John Cook, Fred Peters, D.A. Plant, Michael Strickfaden, and Harmon Michaelis. Under this comes "1876" so that future travelers on the "sands of time," when the present generation has paid its debt of nature, may know the year in which the artists executed their work.

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