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Brookside Park

Subfacility of Tawawa Park

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Brookside Park is bordered on the north by Tawawa Creek, to the east by Knoop-Johnston Road, with the southern boundary being the remnant of the Big Four rail line that was used prior to the Big Four Bridge being built on the south end of Sidney. At one point in history, it was used by the National Guard Armory, with the concrete bunker for firing range still intact on the property. This 27-acre parcel is a continuation of Tawawa Park, making the total area for the civic park more than 220 acres.

Girl Scout Use

In 1949, Mary Marx and her husband sold 35 acres to the Sidney Ohio Local Girl Scouts; this area became known as Camp Brookside. According to county records, in 1955 Tawawa Civic Park Inc. purchased around 7 acres of adjacent real estate, now Bakers Range and Watkins Woods. In 1962, the Sidney Community Foundation took over the remaining property from the local Girl Scout organization, allowing the Girl Scouts to utilize the property as long as they wanted.

Nature Preserve

In the fall of 2009, the City of Sidney acquired the property to develop it into the nature preserve that it is today. With over 1.5 miles of trails, overlooks, shelters, old wood forests, and meadows, this parcel of land is enjoyed by many on a daily basis.

Formal dedication of Brookside was held on October 15, 2011 with local dignitaries, Girl Scout representatives and many citizens participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony.
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