When are tax returns due?

Individuals and calendar-year businesses are required to file by April 15th. Fiscal-year businesses are required to file on the 15th day of the fourth month following the end of their fiscal year.

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1. Who is required to file a Sidney income tax return?
2. Who must file and pay estimated tax payments?
3. When are estimate payments due?
4. How much estimated tax am I required to pay?
5. Can I get help completing my Sidney tax return?
6. Are students exempt from Sidney income tax? Exempt from filing a return?
7. What schedules or supporting documents must I attach to my return?
8. I have a rental property that shows a loss each year after expenses. Should I include that in my return?
9. May I offset my self-employment losses, rental losses or other losses against my wage income?
10. My W-2 has differing amounts in the federal income box, the local income box and the Medicare box. Which amount should I show as taxable wages for my city income tax return?
11. I live in Sidney but work in another city and have tax withheld for that city. Do I get credit for that against my Sidney tax liability?
12. When are tax returns due?
13. What are the penalties and interest if I don't file?