Can I get help completing my Sidney tax return?

We will gladly help you prepare your return for you, and there is no charge for this service. Simply bring your tax records (e.g. Federal 1040, all W-2’s, 1099-Misc, and other Federal schedules) and this package to our office. We highly recommend having your return prepared by our staff prior to March 31. Waiting until after this date may result in long lines or extended waiting for our office staff to assist with the preparation of your return.

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1. Who is required to file a Sidney income tax return?
2. Who must file and pay estimated tax payments?
3. When are estimate payments due?
4. How much estimated tax am I required to pay?
5. Can I get help completing my Sidney tax return?
6. Are students exempt from Sidney income tax? Exempt from filing a return?
7. What schedules or supporting documents must I attach to my return?
8. I have a rental property that shows a loss each year after expenses. Should I include that in my return?
9. May I offset my self-employment losses, rental losses or other losses against my wage income?
10. My W-2 has differing amounts in the federal income box, the local income box and the Medicare box. Which amount should I show as taxable wages for my city income tax return?
11. I live in Sidney but work in another city and have tax withheld for that city. Do I get credit for that against my Sidney tax liability?
12. When are tax returns due?
13. What are the penalties and interest if I don't file?