Can I pay you at the end of my trip?

No, our policy is that you must pay when you board the vehicle.

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1. Who can use the transit system?
2. Why do you need so much personal information when I call to schedule a ride?
3. How much does it cost to go to one of the county villages?
4. I need assistance when I get to my destination. Can I bring a helper with me?
5. I use a mobility device. Can I get on your vehicles?
6. Can your driver help me to and from the house to the vehicle?
7. Why can't you take me straight home or to my destination?
8. Why didn't the driver honk the horn so I would know the bus/van was here?
9. Why can't you pick me up at the time I need a trip?
10. What time is your last pick up?
11. Can you wait for me while I run into the store?
12. Can I use a credit card?
13. Can both of my kids ride for one price since they both go to the same school?
14. Can you take me to the next county?
15. What is your policy on packages and bags?
16. How much does it cost to bring my baby with me?
17. Why did a bus/van go past my house without stopping to pick me up?
18. Can I pay you at the end of my trip?
19. What if I accidently leave something behind on the vehicle?