Neighborhood Pride Grant

The heart of Neighborhood & Community Development is focusing on building on strengths, not fixing weaknesses. As the strength and quality of neighborhoods grow, weaknesses are more easily addressed. A strong neighborhood develops when citizens leverage their neighborhood’s strengths and can recognize the mutual dependencies between the people living in them.

The decision to live in, and invest in a neighborhood is related to confidence in the neighborhood. Confidence is driven by signals and behaviors of the neighborhood itself, neighborhood pride, the condition of the homes, the upkeep in the properties, and the everyday behavior (social fabric) of the residents.

Neighborhoods are mutual investments. The Value of a home is influenced by our neighbors. Negative signals and behaviors lead to disinvestment and decline, which in turn reduces confidence, promoting further disinvestment. Positive signals promote confidence, leading to investments in the neighborhood. This in turn promotes stable and increasing home values, attracts new residents, builds confidence, and increases capacity of the neighborhood to meet future challenges. Such neighborhoods become Neighborhoods of Choice.

Neighborhood health can be restored, maintained and strengthened, when interventions provide neighborhoods with the resources and confidence to reinvest in their neighborhoods. This happens by leveraging the strengths of a neighborhood, especially its people.

What is the Neighborhood Pride Grant?

The Neighborhood Pride Grant is a neighborhood revitalization program that focuses on encouraging groups of neighbors to collaborate on exterior improvements to their properties and build confidence in their neighborhood.

Benefits of Participation:
Neighbors who apply and are awarded the grant will have access to resources that will accelerate their home improvement projects and their neighborhoods revitalization, Including:
  • Matching funds for exterior improvements that can be seen from the right-of-way (dollar-for-dollar match, up to $1,000)

This grant is a competitive 1:1 matching grant for exterior improvements that are visible from the street, up to a maximum of $1,000 per household within the cluster. One of the major requirements of this grant is the proximity of houses. Applicants should be clusters of 3-5 houses that are adjacent or within very close proximity to each other. 

NPG Target Areas

17 Target Areas have been identified in Sidney that demonstrate a strong potential for revitalization. Clusters located within a target zone will net additional points in the evaluation of final applications.

Target Area

Examples of Neighborhood Pride grants:



Picket Fences (Fencing requires a permit)

Curb Gardens (plantings between sidewalk and street)

Pavers or Bricks to Line Sidewalks, Paths or Gardens

Bricks to edge gardens and greenspace

Landscape Lighting

Lamp Posts

New House Numbers


Flower boxes

Planter Boxes

Hanging Planters


Intersection Beautification (flowers or shrubs in corner spaces)

Side Walk Repair

Tree Plantings

Flowers and Plants

Hedge and Shrub Planting

Porch Projects 

Painting Supplies for Neighborhood-Wide Exterior Summer Painting Projects

Dumpster Rental for Neighborhood and Yard Clean Ups

How do I apply?

  • Applicants will need to talk to neighbors and organize a cluster of 3-5 properties to participate. 
  • Cluster will then need to complete and submit the pre-application below.
  • Once submitted the spokesperson for the cluster will be contacted by City Staff for the next steps.

Pre-application Documents.

Pre-application - This is an online form

Pre-application (PDF)

Tips for a competitive application

Final Application Documents

Final Application (PDF)

Cost Estimate Worksheet (XLS)