Zoning Code Update

In order for the city’s Zoning Code to be aligned with the Sidney Comprehensive Plan completed in 2017, be in line with current land management innovations and organized in a manner that is easier for citizens to understand, the city has been working with Sean Suder, ZoneCo, to rewrite the existing code.

Many months ago, a steering committee was organized and given the task to review the existing code and compare it to the vision contained in the long-term Comprehensive Plan. The group, comprised of various community stakeholders, then went to work reorganizing and revising the city’s existing code, much of which has been in place since 1953, though it has been amended several times over the last 50+ years.

All of that behind the scenes work has led us to the first draft of the proposed new Zoning Code. The first draft was presented to City Council and the Sidney Planning Commission meeting during a Workshop on December 9, 2020. This presentation officially kicked off the public input period on the first draft of the proposed new zoning code.


Zoning Code Update Documents