About Us

Sidney Municipal Court handles, for all of Shelby County:

  • Adult misdemeanor criminal matters
  • Adult misdemeanor traffic matters
  • Civil matters with a jurisdictional limit of $15,000
  • Small claims complaints to a maximum of $6,000

Clerk of Court

The Clerk of Court's office:

  • Accepts all monetary payments for the Court
  • Is the keeper of the record, responsible for maintaining the Court docket, all filings, and processing all paperwork for the Court
  • Is the official recipient of all Court documents

Court & Case Questions

Staff is not permitted to give legal advice, complete forms for you or tell you how to proceed with your case. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with questions and provide information on:

  • Court procedure
  • Payment options
  • Rules of Court
  • Specifics about your case

Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

Review Municipal Court Annual Reports from past years.