Parks & Recreation


If being outdoors is what you call a great time, you're going to love Sidney. The parks in Sidney have everything you need nearby:

  • 18 neighborhood parks which are within 1/4 mile of most residences
  • 450 acres of lush parklands including the 226-acre nature preserve known as Tawawa Park
  • 612,000-gallon aquatic facility with a 30-foot high, 295-foot long spiral and speed waterslide to cool you off in the hot Ohio summers
  • Roughly 16 miles of dual-use and nature trails throughout the parks system
  • Teeming sports complexes for both youth and adult leagues

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Mission Statement

The Parks and Recreation mission is to improve community services and facilities with regard to safety, education, recreation, and public health.

Geib Pavilion

Major Objectives

The eight major objectives for the Parks and Recreation Department include:

  1. Utilizing the Miami River corridor
  2. Developing a walkway/bikeway system linking parks and neighborhoods
  3. Establishing guidelines for future park planning
  4. Determining recreational facility needs
  5. Promoting passive open space development
  6. Expanding recreational programming
  7. Inventory/analyzing existing parks
  8. Updating park development standards