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Sidney Police Department

234 W. Court St, Sidney OH 45365
Emergencies dial 911
Non emergencies (937) 498-2351

Sidney Ohio Police Department


Join the Sidney Police Department!

Why? “Why” is a question that has been tossed around for thousands of years by monarchs, philosophers, and even the common folk. “Why”, as we are all too familiar, has been used in almost every single job interview session known to man. It seems as if all anyone cares about is the candidate’s reason for wanting the job. Far too often, the hiring agency’s reason for attracting potential employees is overlooked.

So, what makes Sidney Police Department stand out among other law enforcement agencies?

Our 42,000 square ft. facility was built in 2005 by Horne & King Architects of Dublin with the help of Ferguson Construction Company as the general contractor. Approximately $6 million was spent on the actual construction of the building. The other $1.6 million went into property costs, furnishings, equipment, etc. Along with the working space for the patrol division, detective division, and administrative division, our building has a complete workout facility that is complemented with a cardio room and hand-to-hand training area. Along with that, the building has two separate locker rooms for males and females. All that being said, it doesn't do the building justice. When you walk through the halls of the Sidney Police Department, you absorb over 120 years of Sidney Police history. From the early days of Chief Bill O’Leary to present times with Chief Will Balling, the Sidney Police Department prides itself with memorandum from the past, and mementos for the future.

The Tactical Response Team dedicates themselves to the protection of the community against the most dangerous of situations. The members of this outstanding tactical force consist of ten certified members including, but not limited to, a medic, explosives technicians, and certified snipers. Teaming with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and the Piqua Police Department, Sidney’s Tactical Response Team has access to an armored vehicle, and is able to assist with high risk situations in the surrounding area. The Tactical Response Team was formed to serve as a means of dealing with elevated situations such as high risk search warrants, hostage situations, barricaded individuals, and so on and so forth. These members are specially trained to use specific tactics and handle all sorts of tactical equipment. Minus the certification and specialized training, it takes a unique kind of person to be a member of the Tactical response Team. Knowing that a great portion of their clientele wishes to see them fail, these outstanding men and women will not settle for anything less than perfection.

The Sidney Police Department also provides opportunities for its Officers to become Bike Patrol Officers, Investigators, Trainers, Evidence Technician, Accident Investigators and many other areas.  If you want to try several different areas of law enforcement Sidney offers most of them.

The department also has its own Communication Center.  The men and woman of the Communication center handle over 30,000 calls a year with professionalism and precision.  They handle all the calls for the Sidney Fire and Rescue squad and the Sidney Police Department.  They care about all the callers and about the men and woman that they are sending on the calls.

Out of all the aforementioned highlights of the department, there is one that we have failed to cover. Until now, that is. It is something that is not normally found in larger departments. Something that makes a smaller department stand out among the largest of cities. The officers here don’t become colleagues. They become family. It goes beyond the ordinary “Yeah, I’ll come back you up.” These officers will go to the length of taking over reports and charges if another officer gets swamped with calls. But it doesn't stop there. Everybody who works for Sidney Police knows each other. And with that, officers become family. You have officers who continually joke around with each other, which helps greatly when they have had a bad day on the job. You have people standing behind each other, giving support, in almost every aspect of their lives. You can turn to any officer on the force, and have the honor of calling them “brother” or “sister.” At Sidney Police, colleagues become friends, and friends become family.

So, what does make Sidney Police Department stand out? Frankly, what doesn't?

Chief William Balling
Sidney Police Department


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