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City of Sidney Ohio

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Citizen Survey

Sidney Police Department

234 W. Court St, Sidney OH 45365
Emergencies dial 911
Non emergencies (937) 498-2351

Sidney Ohio Police Department

The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine how the Sidney Police Department can more efficiently serve all the people of our community. We believe it is important to know your viewpoint on certain issues. By answering the questions listed below, you can help us do a more effective job of policing our city.


Describe the interaction that you had
with a Sidney Police Officer.

Was this interaction positive or negative?

How safe do you feel your neighborhood is?

How safe do you feel the City of Sidney is?

How would you rate the overall performance
of the Sidney Police Department?

How responsive are the Police to the Communities overall policing needs?

How responsive are the Police to the communities’ drug activities complaints?

Control of traffic concerns?
(speeding, accidents, etc)

Crime prevention?

Treatment of people with courtesy,
respect, and compassion?

Responsiveness to quality of life issues
in the community?

Your name? (optional)

Contact information? (optional)



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