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EMS Billing

Sidney Fire and Rescue

Fire Station #1 - 222 W. Poplar St
Fire Station #2 - 411 S. Vandemark Road
For emergencies, dial 9-1-1
For non-emergencies, dial 937-498-2346


The City implemented an EMS User Fee, sometimes referred to as ambulance billing, effective July 1, 2003. Currently, patients transported to the hospital by the Department of Fire & Emergency Services will have their insurance company billed for the transportation service. City Council adopted a “soft billing” policy and no resident will be personally billed for EMS Services. If anyone has any questions they are encouraged to contact the Department of Fire & Emergency Services at 498-2346.

What is the fee rate? For a basic life support (BLS) transport, the current fee is $516 plus $11.73 per loaded mile. Advanced life support (ALS) is $909 plus $11.73 per loaded mile; or Advanced life support 2 (ALS2) is $1,137 plus $11.73 per loaded mile. These are the rates charged to the insurance company or Medicare. You as a resident will not be responsible for these fees.

If I do not have insurance, will my level of care be affected? No. Implementation of the ambulance billing fee will not affect the level of care or priority of treatment in any way. You will be treated and transported regardless of whether or not you have insurance. Only after being transported will you be asked about your insurance.

What is an EMS User fee? A fee is charged for patients transported to a hospital facility by the fire department emergency medical service.

How is the fee billed? The patient’s insurance company or Medicare (if applicable) will be direct billed electronically by the City’s billing company. No resident will personally receive a bill.

Will I receive a bill for my insurance co-pay? No. The Office of Inspector General has determined that local taxes paid to the City are acceptable as co-pay amounts. It is the City’s policy that no resident be billed for EMS Services.

Will I receive a bill if I don’t have insurance? No. The Inspector General’s Opinion has determined that local taxes paid to the City are accepted as payment made in full. It is the City’s policy that no resident be billed for EMS Services.

Will this fee raise the cost of my insurance? No. The Ohio Revised Code requires insurance companies to have provisions in their policy coverage for ambulance transports. Medicare and Medicaid also have required provisions for ambulance transportation fees. Thus, residents have been paying for ambulance transportation services in their insurance premiums even if the fee was not previously collected.

How is the fee established? The City is following the usual and customary rates established by Medicare for our area.


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