City of Sidney
Municipal Court: Rules of Court


The Sidney Municipal Court of Sidney, Ohio, adopts the following Rules for the conduct, government, and management of business operations, proceedings and other functions and services of the Court. They shall become effective May 1, 2009, shall supersede all previous Rules and shall remain in effect until amended or repealed.

These Rules shall apply in all instances except when they conflict with the provisions of Rules promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ohio or are clearly not applicable.

The Rules of this Court are designed with the purpose in mind to make the judicial system better for the people we serve.

These Rules shall be construed to achieve an orderly administration of the business of this Court, to govern the practice of attorneys and parties before this Court and to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of every action. Reference to status, regulations or rules shall be interpreted to include all revisions and amendments thereto. Reference to the Clerk shall be interpreted to include the Clerk of this Court and any Deputy Clerk.

The Judge of this Court reserves the right to vary any Rule, after hearing, in the interest of justice.




1.01 Term of Court

2.01 Hours of Court Sessions

3.01 Costs in Civil Matters

3.02 Affidavit of Inability to Pay

3.03 Discretion of Clerk

3.04 Removing Files

3.05 Number of Copies Required

3.06 Facsimile Filings

3.07 Copying Files

3.08 Service by Publication

3.09 Responsibility for Costs

4.01 Trial Counsel

4.02 Responsibility of Trial Counsel

4.03 Participation of Co-Counsel

5.01 Bail or Surety

6.01 Pleadings, Motions - General Form

6.02 Identification of Filings

6.03 Jury Demand

6.04 Conformity of Filings

6.05 Deposit for Civil Jury Trials

7.01 Service of Copies and Notices

8.01 Correspondence with the Court

8.02 Continuances


9.01 Rule Day

9.02 Rule Day

10.01 Hearing and Submission of Motions

10.05 Motions for Summary Judgment

11.01 Summons in Civil Cases

11.02 Follow-up on Service

11.03 Failure of Service

11.04 Procedure on Completion of Service

11.05 Scheduling Conference

12.01 Civil Pretrial

12.02 Preparation for Pretrial

12.03 Attendance at Pretrial

12.04 Conduct of Pretrial

12.05 Requirements of Pretrial

13.01 Discovery - Informal

13.02 Discovery - Compelling

13.03 Filing Discovery Material

13.04 Discovery Completion

13.05 Discovery - Supplemental

13.06 Protective Order Against Interrogatories

14.01 Litigated Judgment Entries

14.02 Agreed Settlement/Dismissal Entries

14.03 Judgment/Order Filed by Court

15.01 Default Judgments

15.02 Evidence Supporting Judgment

15.03 Soldiers/Sailors Civil Relief Act

15.04 Judgment - Setting Aside

16.00 Trusteeship

17.01 Depositions

17.02 Fees and Costs

17.03 Opening of Depositions

17.04 Withdrawal of Depositions

17.05 Video Depositions

18.00 Executions

19.00 Subpoenas

20.00 Prosecutor Approval of Charges

21.00 Written Report of Arresting Agency

22.00 Computer Printouts Required

23.00 Written Pleas

24.01 Time for Filing Motions in Criminal Cases

24.02 Motions in Writing

24.03 Motions to Suppress

24.04 Service of Motions

25.00 Withdrawal of Trial Counsel

26.00 Conduct at Trial

27.00 Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

28.00 Transcripts or Proceedings

29.00 Expungements

updated 5-8-09