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Sidney City Airport History

14833 Sidney-Plattsville Road
Sidney OH 45365
(937) 492-9794

Airport Manager: Mike Chappie
Terminal Phone: (937) 492-9794
Cell Phone: (937) 308-4709

Airport Coordinator: Ron Schalow
Phone: (937) 498-8151
Fax: (937) 498-8750

Public Works Director: Gary Clough
Phone: (937)498-8141
Fax: (937) 498-8119

Hours of Operation:
8 am - 6 pm Daily
Additional times by appointment

123.05 UNICOM
120.42 AWOS

History of Sidney's Airport
by Eric Kindig

The Sidney airport at the current location began operation in 1957 and was started by Robert Willman. There had been an airstrip on the west side of Sidney, where Folkerth Avenue is now, and an airfield north of town at the Korn field, where Creative Plastics is now located south of Jackson Center. When these two closed, Mr. Willman started a north/south grass strip approximately 2,500 ft. long where the t-hangars are now located.

The first paved all-weather runway was 2,600 ft. long and was built in 1959 and is the current taxiway. The ownership of the airport was passed to Paul Clark in 1962 and a short time later Mr. Clark donated the runways to the City but maintained the rest of the grounds. In 1964 the current Runway 5/23 was built (3200 ft. long) using privately raised funding. Paul Clark operated the airport until 1972 when the plane carrying Copeland executives he was piloting crashed, killing all on board.

Runway 10/28 was built in 1970 and was 4,000 ft. long using public and private dollars. The runway was lengthened to 4,800 ft. in 1999 using City funds.

The City of Sidney has continued to purchase surrounding real estate parcels to meet the growing needs of the aviation patrons. 

There have been several Airport managers through the years, most notably: Don Pummel, Paul Mast, Oscar Adams, Kent Miller, Eric Kindig, Terry Dunlavey, Patrick Beatty and now, Mike Chappie.

The most recent runway relocation/expansion project had been on the drawing board for 30 years in one form or another.

This project extended runway 10/28 to 5,013 feet and was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, the ODOT Office of Aviation and the City of Sidney.



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