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Underground Utilities
Water Distribution

Distribution/Metering Foreman II:
Jeff Poeppelman
Fax: (937)-498-8150
Email: jpoeppelman@sidneyoh.com

Underground Supt:  Stephen Rhodes
Fax: (937)-498-8150
Email: srhodes@sidneyoh.com

Secretary: Cindy Naseman
Fax: (937)-498-8150
Email: cnaseman@sidneyoh.com

The Water Distribution staff works out of the City's Service Center at 415 S. Vandemark Road.

This division is responsible for all maintenance as it pertains to the water distribution system. The Water Distribution personnel are responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 114 miles of water main and over 9,500 service connections. The City's water mains range in size from 24" in diameter to 3" in diameter and are located not only in the Corporation Limits but outside as well.

It is the primary responsibility of the Water Distribution staff to repair leaks and breaks on the distribution system. On the average, there are approximately 15-20 water breaks annually on our distribution system. This staff periodically undertakes large-scale construction projects.

The Water Distribution staff responds to customer requests and customer complaints. This staff on the average installs over 50 new water services per year and renews approximately 12 services per year. In addition to maintaining transmission mains, they also schedule the replacement of fire hydrants and valves every year to ensure proper fire protection needs are met.

Twice per year, routine water main flushing activities are performed. Hydrant and main flushing is important so any sediment buildup is removed in the distribution system. During the installation of new water mains by developers and contractors, the Distribution staff is responsible for ensuring that the lines are disinfected and tested for no contamination. They are responsible for ensuring that all water related activities comply with Ohio EPA Division of Drinking Water Standards.

When new construction begins, all City utilities must be located. This staff performs the locates of all water mains and service connections as a service to the contractors. They perform between 1,500 and 3,000 utility locates for OUPS annually. They also help review new development plans. They also assist the Sewer Collections, Storm Sewer, Sanitary I&I, Water Distribution and Metering Divisions as needed. Snow plowing is also a part of their regular duties when needed.




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