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Underground Utilities
Sewer Inflow & Infiltration

Sanitary I&I Foreman – Kent Fogt
Fax: (937)-498-8150

Underground Supt:  Stephen Rhodes
Fax: (937)-498-8150

Secretary: Cindy Naseman
Fax: (937)-498-8150

The Sanitary I&I staff works out of the City's Service Center at 415 S. Vandemark Road.

The I&I division was formed in 2013 for removal of inflow and infiltration from the city’s sanitary sewer system. Inflow happens when there is a direct connection to the sewer pipe such as a downspout drain or sump pump. Infiltration happens when there is a breach in the pipe such as a crack or a leaking joint. Roots can also cause a place where infiltration can occur.

2015 EPA Project Information

Project Area 1

Area 1 Map

Area 1 Residents Information Packet

Project Area 2

Area 2 Map

Area 2 Residents Information Packet


Map of Entire Project Area

Registered Contractors for I&I Inspections

Videos demonstrating I&I sources and solutions:
City examples
Home owners examples:

The I&I division uses high tech equipment to battle the problem within the City’s sewer system. This equipment includes a new television/ grout truck. The grout will be used in the main sewer and laterals to seal pipes with infiltration.

They also monitor and assess the sewer system with computerized flow meters. Data is collected bi­weekly and put into a program to help track how rain events affect the system and where we should concentrate our efforts to eliminate the I&I.

We also utilize a new vacuum/jet truck. This truck can flush and clean the sewer system and can be used to vacuum out the debris accumulated during the cleaning process. This truck can also be used to vacuum excavate. Using it this way can be a safe alternative to a backhoe especially around sensitive infrastructure such as gas mains and fiber optics.

They also assist the Sewer Collection/Storm Water Maintenance, Water Distribution and Metering divisions as needed. Snow plowing is also a part of their regular duties when needed.




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