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News and Events

Wagner Ware hazardous material removal to being in July/August 2016.  The US E.P.A. will initiate an emergency removal action at 440 Fair Rd.  The EPA has a project specific website. 

Funds available for housing rehabilitation
The City of Sidney have funds available for housing rehabilitation for single family homeowners within the City. Assistance is available for households whose income is at or below 80% of the County median income.  More information available here.

Community Planning Forum ​

On Thursday, October 20, residents will be able to participate in a community forum from 6:30 to 8pm at the Sidney Theater located at 124 W Poplar Street in Downtown Sidney.

Participants will learn about Sidney’s planning process to date and get an overview of some the community’s key planning issues and discuss potential solutions.  Reveille, the planning and economic development firm that was retained to assist with the Comprehensive Plan Update, will be facilitating this event.
The Plan will help guide community officials for the next 5 or more years in areas such as neighborhoods, land use and development, parks and recreation, infrastructure, community services and facilities, and transportation.
Residents can also complete a community survey and learn more about the planning process by visiting the city’s website ( 
This forum is the third and final community forum. The first community forum was held in February and the second forum, specifically to discuss downtown issues, has held in June. The Plan is anticipated to be completed by January 2018.

Community Survey:
Sidney officials, with assistance from the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, have started the process of updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

We encourage residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders to take the online survey.  The survey asks participants questions relative to growth, revitalization, and livelihood of the City.  Participants will also be able to rate Sidney’s various services and qualities. The results of the survey will be valuable in helping prioritize the Plan’s recommendations.

Water Department's Annual Water Quality report available for Download. (PDF)

Solid Waste, Recycling, & Yard Waste Collection:
2015-2016 Recycling Schedule

 EPA Sewer Inflow and Infiltration project 2015.
Current project information about the EPA I&I project 

Shelby County Emergency Officials announce the launching of Hyper-Reach, a new county-wide emergency notification system.  Landline phones are automatically enrolled, but mobile phones are only included when people enroll. Register your mobile device today.

House Number Recommendations
House numbers are not only convenient for finding addresses but necessary and critical for emergency responders to locate those in need of help.
The City of Sidney has a residential  house addressing/ numbering policy and the State building Code adopted by the City (2006 Residential Code of Ohio) that requires approved numbers or addresses be installed on all buildings in such a manner as to be plainly visible and legible from the street fronting the property.
The City recommends the best way to meet that requirement is to have minimum 4” block numbers which are of a color that contrasts with the background color of the house.
Residents should consider the following when installing or maintaining their house numbers:

  • Script numbers or numbers spelled out in words may be aesthetically pleasing but are difficult to read quickly from the street.

  • Brass or bronze numbers are difficult to see as they normally do not provide enough contrast to the background color of the house.

  • Be sure that the view of the numbers is not obstructed by shrubs, trees, or other structures or decorations.

If the numbers are not on your house, are difficult to read or are not visible, it will take emergency personnel longer to reach your house. These extra minutes could mean the difference between life and death, so take the time now to be sure your house numbers meet these criteria so emergency responders can find your house as quickly as possible.


Upcoming Events:

Fall Leaf Collection to Begin
City crews will begin the annual fall leaf collection service on October 31. City crews will have one truck in each area of the map. Leaf collection is expected to continue until December 2 in all areas. Crews will be collecting leaves on a daily basis making several rounds through each area.  All work is subject to change due to weather and equipment availability. 
Please note – All leaves not collected by December 2 must be placed in a biodegradable bag and placed at the curb the week of December 13 for yard waste pickup.
Residents are reminded of the following leaf collection guidelines:

  • Place all loose leaves on the tree lawn, not the pavement and not in the vicinity of catch basins.
  • Ensure all leaf piles are free of garbage and other yard waste items such as brush, branches and large twigs are placed in a separate pile conforming to yard waste guidelines.
  • Ensure that no loose stone, asphalt or concrete is in leaf pile.
  • Contaminated piles of leaves will not be collected.
  • DO NOT park in on top of leaf piles.  If you do, they will not be collected.

You may check the status of the crew in your area on the city website at each Friday once leaf collection begins.

New Solid Waste Container Regulations are in Effect

The City of Sidney recently enacted legislation that  regulates the placement and storage of solid waste and recycling containers, yard waste and big items within the City. The rules apply to both those customers on the container system and those on the low volume bag system. The new rules are effective September 15, 2016. For more details click here.

Summer Yard Waste Collection

Republic will be discontinue weekly pick up of yard waste at the end on November 30, 2016. 
City crews will pick up yard waste through the winter until the end of April on the second full week of the month in  December of 2016 and January, February, March and April of 2017.
Yard waste guidelines are the same for weekly and monthly collection. Details are availble on the City's website under departments, solid waste.



Project Updates

The project contuinues. Storm sewer and sanitary sewer work is complete. Vectren is finishing up on unanticipated gas line repairs.  The water line  replacement is nearly complete and work will begin on the road reconstruction within the next 10 days. All work is anticipated to be completed prior to Thanksgining except for the final lift of asphalt and final restoration including seeding. This work will be completed in the spring.

Please email questions to


 Pt. Jefferson Rd. Reconstruction
This project is complete.

2016 Street Resurfacing ProgramThe attached map shows the streets that were resurfaced in 2016. 2016 Street resurfacing program. This project is complete.

City of Sidney – Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

 The project is underway and is expected to be completed in spring of 2017. 
Please contact Gary R. Clough, Assistant City Manager/ Public Works Director at or 937-498-8142 if you want more information on the project.




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