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Comprehensive Plan

Community Services Director:
Barbara Dulworth, AICP
Phone: (937)498-8131
Fax: (937)498-8119

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan intended to guide growth and development of a community or region.  It includes analysis of the community and recommendations for future actions.  The plan is based on public input, planning initiatives, physical characteristics, and social and economic conditions.

Sidney has a long history of planning.  The community prepared the current comprehensive plan in 2010, but was not able to utilize the newest Census data.  The city leadership believes the time is right for a plan update.

What is the purpose of a Comprehensive Plan & why is it important?

The purpose of the plan is to create a shared vision for future of the City. The plan will build on the City’s heritage of interactive and timely planning for desirable growth and development. This Plan presents an opportunity to demonstrate that residents, businesses and elected officials are committed to working together for the best possible future for our community. The goal of this Plan update is to review the last plan for “continued relevance” and to help prioritize the community’s goals and strategies for the next five or more years.

How does the process work?  Does it give everybody the chance to participate?

Reveille, a firm that specializes in planning, economic development and community design solutions, was selected to assist a well-rounded steering committee comprised of city and county representatives in developing the plan update.

Public participation plays an important role in the planning process.  An interactive public process has been developed to solicit ideas and solutions.  The entire community is encouraged to participate in decisions about the areas the plan will focus on, such as neighborhoods, land use, downtown revitalization, community services and facilities, infrastructure and economic development. 

Community forums will be held in 2016 that will offer opportunities to discuss one or more of these elements of interest.  Attend them all or only those areas that interest you.  These public forums will incorporate planning exercises, such as round-table discussions, mapping and visioning exercises, surveys, and poll-based data collection. 

How long will the process take?

The entire process will take approximately 14 months and should be ready for approval in 2017. 

City of Sidney's Current Comprehensive Plan
Imagine Sidney 2025
Individual chapters of Imagine Sidney 2025 and Maps are also available for download as separate PDF's.


The results of the community survey and other important information regarding the planning process will be posted and updated on the city’s website.

Community Forum #1 Visioning Results

Downtown Forum Preferences Survey Results
Downtown Forum
There are several other ways you can participate.
  • Attend a meeting: Make your voice heard by attending one of our public planning sessions! Check back soon for the dates of these meetings.
  • Send an email or call: Email the point of contact for the Planning Team by sending an email to Community Services Director, Barbara Dulworth: or contact her by phone at (937) 498-8131.
  • Comments may also be mailed or dropped off at City Hall:
Comprehensive Plan Committee
ATTN: Barbara Dulworth, AICP
Community Services Director
City of Sidney
201 W. Poplar St.
Sidney, Ohio 45365
Phone: (937)498-8131



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